An Inside Look At Speedy Tactics In National Health Service

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Data reporting Lindsey and other top administrators at the clinic worked in cahoots to falsify patient and clinic measure data reported annually to the federal Health Resources and Services Administration, or HRSA, which administers grants to health clinics nationwide providing services to underserved populations, the lawsuits allege. Chamblee, who worked at IBHS for 11 months before resigning, alleged she was demoted, banned from staff meetings and shunned by Lindsey after reporting activity she felt was illegal, including the calculation of food stamps as income, which inflated patient incomes and allowed the clinic to charge higher fees for their care. She also alleged the clinic was charging patients for visits already covered by local and state programs, as well as no show fees for patients who missed appointments. Anais Parsaeian, an LVN who worked for IBHS for 16 months before resigning in June 2014, alleges in her lawsuit that Lindsey made her collect random patient files in order to compile patient data for clinic measure reports, which are submitted every February to HRSA, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services. On one occasion, Parsaeian randomly selected 70 patient files for Lindsey, who rejected all of them because the sampling did not produce the desired outcome. Parsaeian repeated the process four more times, and Lindsey rejected the other four samplings as well, ultimately using an Excel spreadsheet to generate the desired data, according to Parsaeians lawsuit. Parsaeian also alleges Lindsey submitted fraudulent data to the Joint Commission in order for IBHS to receive accreditation and certification. HRSA spokesman Martin Kramer said he could not comment on the IBHS matter, but did say the federal agency monitors its grantees throughout the year to identify potential issues by reviewing data reports, conducting independent audits and conducting site visits, among other things. Our goal is always to ensure the community that the health center serves has access to high quality medical care. However, HRSA can ultimately disapprove future health center grant applications and/or move to discontinue current HRSA funding, Kramer said.

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